30 Day Sweater Challenge: Day 1 Update

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to this year’s 30 Day Sweater Challenge, the time of year when we all set out to create a sweater in 30 days!

This time around I have decided to make a sweater for my daughter Aurora.


I decided to make a children’s sweater for a couple of reasons, the first being that I have found recently that I am getting a lot of satisfaction out of making toys and clothes for my girls. I just love being able to make things that they can use and love! I just finished these little hippos for them last week.


The second reason is that we just had a second little girl last week and while I certainly enjoy knitting, I enjoy the time with my girls even more and a child size sweater will definitely work up more quickly. Isn’t she sweet? Her name is Aria.


With that said, I will probably not be posting my progress every single day. But I will keep you updated on any big milestones as they come up.


Now lets move on to the part where we actually talk about knitting sweaters. During the first few days of the 30 Day Sweater Course you design and measure for your sweater. I want to talk for just a minute about measuring, more specifically measuring a toddler.

I don’t know about anyone else but when it comes to my little girl it seems like she only wears each size of clothing for about half a second. So how do you measure? If you measure their current size the sweater might not even fit by the time you finish it. I decided that by the time it gets cold around here again she’ll most likely be wearing a size 3T. I happened to have a hoodie in that size and so instead of measuring Aurora I measured the sweatshirt. Hopefully my estimates for how quickly she’ll grow are somewhat accurate and she will fit her new sweater while it is still at least moderately cool outside.

Here is my basic sketch with the measurements taken from the 3T sweatshirt.


Design Inspiration

I have been loving some sweaters by Baby Boden recently because they are super simple and I can picture my little miss wearing one quite often. I particularly love this one!


But this one is super sweet as well. I love that little Peter Pan collar!


I think that I will make a raglan style, double breasted sweater/jacket with a hood and those sweet little ears. It will be very similar to the first picture.


Last year when Aurora was much, much smaller I had bought some navy blue wool from Quince and Co to knit her a sweater. However, I never got around to it and even though I’ll need a bit more yarn for this size I still love the color and yarn I had chosen before. I will just go ahead and get started with what I have and order some more in the next couple days to finish the sweater. I have four balls of 136 yards so I should be good for quite a while.


That’s all for now, I’ll keep posting here as the month progresses. Use the hashtag #30daysweater and post your progress on Instagram and Facebook. Happy sweater knitting!

Lacie Lynnae

My name is Lacie and I am the in-house knitwear designer at the Yarn Craft Academy and the author of the 30 Day Sweater. When i'm not knitting you can find me doing yoga, paddle boarding or finding great food! I am also a runway model for Vidal Sassoon and am privileged to travel quite a bit so you may see me posting from new and exciting places! Follow me on Instagram: Lacelue