30 Day Sweater Challenge: Day 12 Update

Hello Sweater Knitters!

I hope your sweaters are coming along nicely. Mine is coming along but I have had a few setbacks along the way however I think it'll be just fine.

Since the last update I made a gauge swatch,

cast on my stitches at the neckline​ and started working my raglan increases,

finished the raglan increases,

​and removed the stitches for the sleeves. Because the sweater is so small I ended up finishing the increases for the neckline fairly early on. I wanted a double breasted front so I cast on extra stitches with the center front stitches so that the fronts would overlap. As I started working the fronts of the sweater (while I was still working on the raglan increases) I added two rows of button holes so I could have 6 sweet little buttons arranged up near the top of the sweater. I actually got so excited about the buttons that I almost sewed them on then and there. Luckily I held off for a minute because....

I ran out of yarn. Well, kind of. I actually got pretty far on the body of the sweater but remember how I said that I had four balls of yarn and would be ordering more? I went online to order more and found out that Quince and Co was out of Pea Coat (my nice navy blue). AHH!

I had to rethink my whole design as I would definitely not have enough yarn to go with my original hoodie idea. Here's what I decided to do. I would start by pulling back to my raglan seams and pull out an inch or so which would make the sweater large enough but would save me a decent amount of yarn as there would be fewer body stitches to work each row. I made sure to lay  the sweater on top of the sweatshirt I measured off of originally to make sure it was still going to fit if I took out a few stitches.

​Those balls of yarn are how much I ended up pulling out. Bummer. Anyway, I decided to get a contrasting color and work a color block at the bottom of the sweater and sleeves then get buttons to match that color. Instead of making a hood (which takes a ton of yarn) I will make a sweet little peter pan collar. 

After, a quick redesign and some replacement knitting I am now finishing up the body of the sweater and will be moving on to the sleeves in the next day or so. More progress pictures to come!

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Lacie Lynnae

My name is Lacie and I am the in-house knitwear designer at the Yarn Craft Academy and the author of the 30 Day Sweater. When i'm not knitting you can find me doing yoga, paddle boarding or finding great food! I am also a runway model for Vidal Sassoon and am privileged to travel quite a bit so you may see me posting from new and exciting places! Follow me on Instagram: Lacelue