30 Day Sweater Raglan Course

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This course teaches you how to design a custom fit, top-down, seamless raglan sweater, and lays out a plan to knit it in 30 days.

This course includes:

– Daily Email Tasks*
– Video Tutorials
– Downloadable Worksheets
– Sweater Calculators
– Chat Lounge
– Interactive Forum
– Lifetime Access
– Free Updates
– 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Includes a copy of The 30 Day Sweater eWorkbook

*first 30 days only


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  • Lisa Patrick says:

    I previewed this course in May. It is a great course for making a custom sweater that fits. Crew neck, V-neck, cardigan, pullover or vest, the choice is yours. The content is given to students in manageable chunks and any questions were answered quickly. It was also nice to see each person’s progress as we all worked through the course together.This is a great course and I am definitely going to use it again for more sweaters.

  • Verlene Brooks says:

    I am a relatively new knitter, just learned in 2012. So making a sweater sounded a bit daunting…well a lot daunting! But Johnny and Lacy are wonderful teachers! They took each step slowly, with video demonstrations of each step. They were very patient and took time to answer our questions. My sweater is almost done, I only stopped because it’s summer and too hot to have a pile of yarn in my lap, but I plan on finishing the body and front ribbing this fall. Sleeves are long with wide cuffs… And best of all…it fits me! Bring on winter. Thanks to the Masters.

  • Kathy Barte says:

    I learned a lot of things during the 30day sweater class. I had never steeked before and it really is a mindset rather than something that is difficult. I had added pockets to my sweater as well, something else I had never tried. I put a zipper into my sweater and while I have put in thousands of zippers, I never put one into a sweater that I had made from scratch. I believe while I had made sweaters before, this class gave me a lot of courage to try things that I had never accomplished prior. I wholeheartedly recommend joining the class to take your knitting to a whole new level, I did.

  • debbyGO says:

    The 30 Day Sweater is a great course as it makes something that can be overwhelming definitely achievable. The step by step instructions and explanations helped me tackle a project I was otherwise too intimidated to even consider. And, with the awesome support along the way it is like having your own personal instructors in your own community knitting group.
    I loved this course!

  • Sue Wynn says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the 30DaySweater Course, it helped me understand the workings of getting a properly fitting sweater.
    This course helped me get my head round the mathematics of the top down raglan sweater and still enables me to design a fashionable up-to-date garment.
    Thank you!

  • Peggy Gotlibowski says:

    Talk about a confidence builder! WOW!! When I started this course, I had been knitting only a very short period of time. I hardly knew a knit from a purl. I learned so much from the greatest instructions in the world.
    I’m now knitting things I would never have tackled before – all because this course gave me the confidence I needed to go forward. I highly recommend this course to anyone. Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can.

  • Sue Joyce says:

    I’ve been knitting about 50 yrs now and never did venture into making sweaters or socks or anything but scarfs and afghans. Lacie’s course broke things down into easy little steps that can be done each day. No pressure and help always available. I’m so glad that I have been able to take my knitting up a notch.

  • Nancy Meador says:

    The 30 day sweater class is amazing! The information goes step by step to customize a sweater to fit you plus you pick exactly what you desire your sweater to look like. This also allows you for the rest of your life to create custom sweaters for yourself and those you love, how amazing is that!! The support from the staff is awesome!! I have attending many classes from many sites and this is the only place where I submit a question and I get a fast reply with answers and they offer to help you get your desired look. I must say the customer service from the staff is beyond awesome!! They care about your success. Every class I have taken is worth far more then the cost I have spent. It amazed me I could make a sweater in 30 days but I did and it was an awesome experience. I know I can make a custom sweater for anyone, and my daughter has already bought the yarn for me to do her sweater.

  • Jenny Goldsberry says:

    I am a fairly new knitter and I took this course. I did fall behind, but it wasn’t a problem once I could go back and watch the content at my own pace. I learned as I went and the presentation of the material is outstanding. Would I buy another class they offer? Absolutely!

  • Caryn Venia says:

    Although I have yet to have time to make the 30-day sweater, I did go over the procedure and found it very easy to follow and look forward to using it, hopefully soon. I consider myself to be an experienced knitter and don’t anticipate any problems. The top-down method will be new to me and it is very nice to know that if I do have any problem with interpretation of the instructions you are there to answer questions.

  • Cindy says:

    The 30-Day Sweater Course took the anxiety out of knitting a sweater, one that will actually fit the recipient (or you). What made this course better than others like it was the fact that every question you had along the way was answered and there were several live question and answer sessions in case something was missed.

    Giving you easy to “digest” daily knitting tasks to do made the idea of knitting a sweater far less daunting. You could knit for an hour or two and accomplish what you needed to accomplish in order to stay on the 30-day timeline without feeling overwhelmed. And, having access to the information even after the 30 days means there is no reason to get upset if you don’t finish the sweater in those 30 days.

    This course gives you the basic framework necessary to actually design your own sweater and then knit your design.

    The course teaches you how to make proper measurements, do a good job of checking your gauge (and blocking the gauge swatch to get things right) and anything else you need or want to know. Various ways of finishing a sweater are discussed and, if there is something that is not covered, the forum allows you to bring it up or ask that question. Someone is sure to answer or join the discussion.

    This is one great course. I’d recommend it highly to anyone who wants to gain a true understanding of how to create a knitted sweater that a person might actually want to wear: one that looks good and fits perfectly!

  • t.miah says:

    I enjoyed the pace at which thew course was delivered because, they gave plenty of time to get any problems sorted out. Johnny and Lacie were excellent teachers and always replied to questions…and I had many!

  • Pauline says:

    This course was taught in a way that really suited me. I could go at my own pace without feeling I’m holding up the class. Love the question and answer
    section. I learned a lot from these, because I could understand a problem that I might have sooner rather then later. I picked a shawl/raglan pattern
    and I’m just about finished. It’s for my son in NY. He picked the yarn and sent it to me. Hope he’s pleased with the sweater.

  • Wanda Joy Adams says:

    The course was great. I feel I can now take just about any raglan pattern and adapt it to the body measurements I’m knitting for, no matter what yarn I use, or what stitch I want to knit. Understanding the techniques for making a garment custom fit for whoever I’m knitting it for is really exciting. No more projects where I work really hard and make something that doesn’t fit. Loved the class! I’m planning on using these skills often.

  • Nancy Miller says:

    Great class,excellent instruction and Great instructors!

  • Jill Barger says:

    As a beginner knitter my claim to fame were scarves, hats, and afghans. When the 30 Day Sweater course was announced I didn’t hesitate to sign up. It was the best thing I could have done. The course opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me and I’m no longer afraid to try fitted items. The help from Johnny and Lacie plus the other course members was phenomenal! Thanks for a great experience!!

  • MeMary77 says:

    There were many things I learned out of this class, that I hadn’t yet accomplished. In this class, we were given instructions every day to complete for that day’s task. If we had a question, we would post it, and the instructors and/or one of the other class participants would reply with useful tips, and heap encouragement & compliments. We would post our projects as we knitted. It was actually fun seeing the other class-mates special projects; no two were alike. Some class-mates used lace knitting patterns, some made a short-sleeved sweater, and several made a vest…all using the same guidelines of the Raglan Sweater, but different choices of interpretation. IMHO, if you take this class, you will come away with a better knowledge of putting together a Raglan Sweater, and the different ways you can make it your own.

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