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[/col] [/row] [woocommerce_checkout] [row ] [col span=”1/3″ ] [testimonial style=”” image=”″ name=”Verlene Brooks” company=”Oregon City, OR” stars=”5″] “I am a relatively new knitter, just learned in 2012. So making a sweater sounded a bit daunting…well a lot daunting! But Lacie is a wonderful teacher! She took each step slowly. She was very patient and took time to answer my questions. And best of all…my sweater fits me perfectly!”
[/testimonial] [/col] [col span=”1/3″ ] [testimonial style=”” image=”″ name=”Peggy Gotlibowski” company=”Fairview, NC” stars=”5″] “Talk about a confidence builder! WOW!! When I started this course, I had been knitting only a very short period of time. I hardly knew a knit from a purl. I’m now knitting things I would never have tackled before – all because this course gave me the confidence I needed to go forward. I highly recommend this course to anyone. Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can.”
[/testimonial] [/col] [col span=”1/3″ ] [testimonial style=”” image=”″ name=”Sue Joyce” company=”Murfreesboro, TN” stars=”5″] “I’ve been knitting about 50 yrs now and never did venture into making sweaters or socks or anything but scarfs and afghans. Lacie’s course broke things down into easy little steps that can be done each day. No pressure and help was always available. I’m so glad that I have been able to take my knitting up a notch.”
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