Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Is There A Specific Pattern I'm Making?

ANSWER: There is no set pattern for the 30 Day Sweater. It's more like a choose your own adventure sweater. We give you options and then show you how to incorporate them.

QUESTION: Do I Have To Make The Sweater In 30 Days?

ANSWER: Absolutely not.

This framework breaks down the process of making a sweater into 30 easy to follow STEPS.

You can do one step a week, or 3 steps a day. It's entirely go at your own pace.

We have sweaters that have been finished in 10 days and some that have been in progress for... well... A WHILE.

QUESTION: How Long Do I Have Access To The Course?

ANSWER: Once you purchase the 30 Day Sweater Course, you have LIFETIME ACCESS, so you can make as many sweaters as your heart desires.

And you get FREE updates as well, so as we continue to improve the course you'll receive those as well!

QUESTION: Can I Really Use Any Yarn I Want?

ANSWER: Yes... but we wouldn't recommend using novelty yarns like Fun Fur or Homespun. They are really difficult to work with for a project this size.

Otherwise the sweater is constructed based on your gauge and measurements, so pretty much any yarn will work.

QUESTION: What If I Don't Want to Design A Pattern?

ANSWER: Well first off, "designing" is a lot easier than you might think with this framework.

You choose the options you want (sweater style, collar type, sleeve length, etc.) and we show you have to incorporate them.

But if you would rather make a sweater that's already been created, we have a collection of patterns you can choose from. And we will periodically be adding new patterns as well.

QUESTION: Do You Have An Option For Crocheters?

ANSWER: We're working on a crochet version of the 30 Day Sweater Framework but we do not have a release date at this time.