Day 6 – Part One: Finishing The Raglan Increases

You’ve finally made it! Today is the last day of the raglan increases! That means you have officially made it all the way through the toughest part of creating a raglan sweater!

How Far To Knit Today
Today you will be knitting the final 10% of your total raglan length in the same manner that you began on day 2. At the end of today you should be at your total desired raglan length.

Use this equation to determine how much you’ll need to knit today:

_______ Raglan length (see measurement worksheet #3 )  x .10 = _______ Inches of raglan to be knit today.

Example 1: Using my 9″ raglan measurement my math for today will look like this: 9 x .20 = 0.9 inches of raglan to be knit today.

Example 2: Using my 12″ raglan measurement my math will look like this 12 x .20 = 1.2 inches of raglan to be knit today.

Once you’ve finished, measure your raglan “seam” to make sure that it is in fact the correct length. Don’t cheat!

This measurement is integral to the fit of the rest of the sweater. If it is a little bit short or a little bit long, take the time to correct it now.

Ok good, now that you’ve measured and are positive that your raglan is at the perfect length, continue on to Day 6, Part 2: Removing the Sleeves.

A Note On Unfinished Front Increases

One question that arises about this time is “What if I haven’t finished increasing my right front and left front stitches by this point?”

This should only be the case if you are knitting a for a small child or are knitting a very deep V-neck sweater. However, if this is the case, don’t worry. If you still have a few increases to work you will take care of it when you begin working the body of the sweater.

Lessons in this course: