Day 30 – Blocking

Blocking is the process of evening out and setting your stitches. This simple process makes your sweater look finished and professional. Don’t skip this step! There are different ways to block different fibers but wet blocking will work for almost any type of yarn you have chosen. If you are working with a particularly delicate fiber you may opt to simply lay out your garment in the desired shape and spritz it with a squirt bottle.

How It Works

Soak finished garment in lukewarm water (with one teaspoon of rinseless woolwash per gallon) for 10-15 minutes, gently squeezing out all air bubbles.

Drain sink and squeeze out excess water, being careful not to twist or wring fabric.
Lift garment, supporting it from the bottom so it does not stretch and lay it on a clean, dry towel.

Roll the sweater in the towel burrito-style and stomp on the towel from end-to- end. Remove your sweater.

Fabric should feel damp but not saturated.

Lay out your sweater in your desired finished shape, making sure to smooth all wrinkles. Using T-pins, stretch and pin garment to your desired dimensions.

Let dry completely, away from direct heat or sun.

Unpin and enjoy!

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