Day 20 – Part Two: Beginning The Sleeve

Today you will be knitting using the information we’ve just worked out in the previous lesson (Day 20, Part 1) to work the sleeve from where you’ve picked up the stitches at the shoulder down to the wrist. You’ll be working a quarter of the total sleeve length each day.

Join yarn and begin knitting in the round at the underarm. Place marker at underarm to mark the beginning of the row.

Decrease one stitch at the beginning and end of the round every _______ (answer to equation #5 on the Sleeve Shaping Worksheet) rounds.

How Far To Knit Today

Continue in this manner until you have knit 1/4 of your desired sleeve length. See the following equation to determine 1/4 of your desired sleeve length.

Desired sleeve length ______ x 0.25 = Length of sleeve to knit today _______in.

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