Day 23 – Finishing The Sleeve

How Far To Knit Today

Today you will be knitting a portion of the total sleeve length and the cuff in the manner you began on day 20 until you have reached of your desired sleeve length – your desired cuff length.

Work the cuff in your desired stitch pattern. Note: typically the cuff of the sleeve and the bottom edge treatment of the body are the same.

Bind off all stitches loosely so that the hand can fit easily and comfortably through the opening.

You will be knitting the same amount that you knit yesterday but if you need a refresher, use this equation:

______ Desired sleeve length x 0.25 = _______ Length of sleeve to knit today

If you are using sleeve shaping, don’t forget to include the decreases you determined in the Sleeve Shaping Worksheet.

Lessons in this course: