Day 8 – Working The Armholes


Today you will continue working your sweater in the manner you began on Day 3. If your work should reach your “hem to underarm

If you reach your “hem to underarm” (#11 on Body Measurement Worksheet) measurement in the course of your daily knitting today  it will be time to begin working the armhole.

Because each sweater is unique, some people will reach that point today and some will reach it in the next two days. Either way, today is a great day to do a couple calculations and look at the next step of instructions so you can be ready when the time comes to begin your armhole shaping.

If you have forgotten how much to knit each day use this equation to refresh your memory:

______ Back Neck to Waist Measurement (#7 on Body Measurement Worksheet) ÷ 8 = ______” to knit today.​


For this section you will need both your Sweater Measurement Worksheet and your Sweater Back Worksheet.

2. _____Cast on Sts (Use answer from #1 on Sweater Back Worksheet) – ( _____Crossback x _____Stitch gauge) = _____ Sts to be decreased at Armhole

3. _____Sts to be decreased at Armhole ÷ 2 =_____ Sts to be decreased each side

4. _____Sts to be decreased each side ÷ 2 = _____Initial Bind Off

5. _____Armhole Depth – 2.5”=_____ “

Once you have reached your “hem to underarm” measurement bind off _____sts (answer to #4) at the beginning of the next two rows.​ The first of these “initial bind offs” will be the base for one armhole and the second row will be the base for the opposite armhole.

6.(_____Sts to be Decreased Each Side – ____Initial Bind Off sts) x 2 = _____Number of Rows to Bind Off

Next you will BO 1 st at the beginning of the following _____ rows (Answer to #6)

Work even until piece  measures _____” (answer​ to #5) from initial armhole bind off, ending with a WS row.


Over the next few days you will continue knitting 1/8th of the total length of the sweater back each day, working the decreases for the armhole when you have reached your “body to waist” measurement in your knitting. On the very last day working the sweater back you will shape the back of the neckline (detailed instructions will be given when you reach that point).​

Lessons in this course: