Day 12 – Starting The Cardigan Sweater Front

NOTE: These instructions are for CARDIGAN STYLE sweaters only. If you are knitting a pullover style sweater please go to Set In Sleeve Day 12: Starting The Pullover Sweater Front.

After today each daily post will include instructions for both Pullovers and Cardigans but for the sake of keeping things easy to understand the posts today are separate.

Download the Cardigan Sweater Front Worksheet HERE


Download and print the Cardigan  Sweater Front Worksheet. After answering equations #1 –  #3 on the worksheet you will be ready to begin knitting. Save the worksheet as you will need it later in the sweater knitting process to complete the both the right and left fronts  of your sweater.

For this section you will need both your Body Measurement Worksheet and your Sweater Measurement Worksheet.

Use the following equation to determine how far to knit today and each day for the next 3 days (4 days total).

______ Front Neck to Waist Measurement (#10 on Body Measurement Worksheet) ÷ 4 = ______” to knit today.

You will knit each side of the sweater front for 4 days (8 days total).​


1. _____ Stitch Gauge x _____ One Half Bust/Chest = _____Total Front Sts

2. _____ Stitch ​Gauge x _____ Desired Button Band Width = _____ Button Band Sts

3. (_____ Total Front Sts – _____ Button Band Sts) ÷ 2 = ______Sts to Cast On

CO _______ Sts (Use answer from #3) using the Long Tail Cast On. Work even in your desired ribbing until piece measures _____” Desired Rib Length at Lower Hem (#9 on Sweater Measurements Worksheet) from CO edge, ending with a WS row.


Switch to stockinette stitch (or your desired stitch pattern) and work even until piece measures _____” Waist to Underarm (#11 on Body Measurements Worksheet).

Lessons in this course: