Top 10 Girls Summer Dress Patterns of 2014

I’ll admit that I have always been about %110 girl complete with all the dresses, glitter and ballet I could get! This week’s pattern collection was particularly fun for me to put together because I can imagine a much younger version of myself loving each and every one of these dresses.

Knitted dresses are nothing new, in fact they were incredibly popular in the early to mid 1900’s. But for some reason the knitted dress fell out of fashion for a couple of decades. I am happy to find that they’re back in style and I love knitting them!

Since knitting a dress in an adult size can be a little bit intimidating I thought we’d show off some smaller versions for you to try your hand at. No matter which one you choose to try I’m sure there will be a happy little girl in your life that will love it!


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  1. That 70's Dress That 70’s Dress by Elena Nodel
  2. Momo Little Dress Momo Little Dress by Pierrot
  3. Sundress Sundress by Pierrot
  4. Camaron Camaron by Taiga Hilliard
  5. Sweet Argyle Sweet Argyle by Lorna Miser
  6. Sailor Dress Sailor Dress by Pierrot
  7. Calendula Calendula by Alicia Plummer
  8. Robe à volants Robe à volants by Muriela
  9. Slipover Dress Slipover Dress by Pat Olski
  10. Garter Stripe Sweetie Garter Stripe Sweetie by Hope Vickman
[title text=”Sweater Of The Week” style=”bold_center”] This week’s 30 Day Sweater show and tell is by st8gr3 on Instagram. She used the 30 Day Sweater to knit this awesome dress as a part of her daughter’s sunflower costume! Here’s to playing dress up! We love it str8gr3!

If you’d like to show off your 30 Day Sweater you can submit your photos by email at or by using the hashtag #30daysweater on Instagram or Facebook.

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