Day 3 – Part One: Working The Raglan Increases

Today you will be knitting 25% of the total raglan length in the same manner that you began yesterday.

Each day the percentage of the raglan length that you’ll be knitting will get smaller. The reason for this is because with each right side row you are increasing the number of stitches you are working so the further along you get the longer each row takes to knit. To even out the amount of time you’ll spend knitting each day we have separated it into smaller and smaller sections to knit each day so that they take approximately the same amount of time to knit.

How Far To Knit Today

_______ Raglan length (see equation #3 on your measurement worksheet)  x .25 = _______ Inches of raglan to be knit today.

Example 1: Using my 9″ raglan measurement my math for today will look like this: 9 x .25 = 2.25 Inches of raglan to be knit today.

Example 2: Using my 12″ raglan measurement my math will look like this 12 x .25 = 3 Inches of raglan to be knit today.

Happy Knitting!

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