The Sweater Knitting Show: Episode 1

[youtube id=”3X-DQ50WSZ0″ mode=”normal”]

– Begin the 30 Day Sweater
– Selecting yarns with Evelyn at Colors 91711
– Showcase of participant yarns
– Hosts answer questions about yarn, needles, gauge, and the 30 Day Sweater
– Yarn Craft Academy

Comments on The Sweater Knitting Show: Episode 1

  1. Stacy says:

    Video sound Help!! I haven’t been available to do the live broadcasts so just logged in to watch Episode one and I have no sound. Log out and I have sound for your opening video. Am I not doing something right? Everything else has sound…Feeling very idiotic.

    1. Johnny V says:

      Logging in and out probably has nothing to do with it. Have you tried using a different browser. It’s unlikely that it’s an issue with our site since we’re using a standard YouTube embed.

  2. Stacy says:

    It was my computer. Kind of guessed that! Thanks for your quick response:)

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