Top 10 Autumn Sweater Patterns of 2014

This month we are really diving into the Autumn knitting season! I thought it would be fitting to put together a collection of patterns that reflect the newest trends from the Autumn/Winter 2014 Fashion Week!

The fall of 2014 will bring us a few predominate themes in the area of knitwear. First we see extreme turtlenecks, that is the chunky turtlenecks that might as well be a full on head sock. These sweaters are incredibly quick to knit and fabulous for texture! Next we see robe coat style sweaters. Who thought we’d be taking our fashion cues from Hugh Hefner? Luckily there are quite a few great patterns out there for sweaters that fall into this category! Finally we see a huge number of very simple, long sweaters in neutral colors. These sweaters are perfect to stock up on because they never go out of style!

I particularly love the more neutral color trends and focus on simplicity this season! There were a few other major styles this fall including bold, chunky fair isle and a continuation of the oversized sweater trend but we’ll give those each their own month to shine.

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top autumn sweater patterns

Batwing Turtleneck
by Jennifer Hansen

top ten autumn sweater patterns
by Julie Hoover

top ten autumn sweater patterns
3 Movies Sweater
by Handarbetaren

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top ten autumn sweater patterns

Belted Jacket
by Vladimir Teriokhin

top ten autumn sweater patterns
Livia Cardigan
by MillaMia Sweden

top ten autumn sweater patterns
by Evelyn Hase

top ten autumn sweater patterns
Misti Honeycomb Brioche Sweater
by Karen Clements

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top ten autumn sweater patterns

Channel Cardigan
by Jared Flood

top ten autumn sweater patterns

Darling Emma
by Joji Locatelli

top ten autumn sweater patterns

by Amy Miller

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This week’s 30 Day Sweater show and tell is by nvknits on Instagram. She used the 30 Day Sweater system to design this simple sweater in a neutral color so she’ll be perfectly on trend this fall! Great work nvknits!

If you’d like to show off your 30 Day Sweater you can submit your photos by email at or by using the hashtag #30daysweater on Instagram or Facebook.

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