Top 5 Tool Organization Items For Sweater Knitters

top 5 knitting organization

Have you ever been ready to begin your newest sweater project and just as you’re ready to cast on you realize that you have no idea where your size 7 needles went? Never again!

With this week’s collection of top notch organization items you’ll always know exactly where all your tools are. From those pesky little stitch markers to the impossible-to-store circular needles there is an organization answer for everything. Keeping your tools organized has never been so simple! With all of your tools at hand you’ll always be ready to get going on that next sweater!

namaste circular needle file organization

NAMASTE – Circular Needle Tote

I will freely admit that I hate trying to keep my circular knitting needles organized. I have tried a number of different options but I am convinced that the Namaste circular needle tote is the answer I’ve been searching for. This case is essentially an expandable file with tabs that can be labelled with your needle size and length. If you have a ton of circular needles this case also comes in double the width! With a genius interior and sleek exterior this case is a must have!

della q dpn and circular needle case organization

DELLA Q – DPN & Circular Needle Case

This foldable fabric case by Della Q is fantastic if you’re storing both double pointed needles and circular needles! It comes with twelve numbered and two unlabeled pockets for circular needles and thirteen numbered and four unlabeled pockets for DPNs up to size 8. Conveniently it also has a couple small zipper pockets to keep your little extras in like stitch markers and darning needles! This soft case would be excellent for the knitter on the go, just throw it in your knitting bag and you have everything you need at your fingertips!

Chic-a key ring pouch organization

CHIC-A Triad Key Ring Pouch

Chic-a has a ton of great organization options for your tools but I chose their triad key ring pouch because it is insanely practical! I constantly find myself out and about without the correct tools and having a small notions bag attached to my bag or key chain would be awesome. This little bag will keep all your little items like stitch markers, darning needles, measuring tape and needle caps corralled nicely.

darice neon set organization

DARICE – Neon Organizer 4 Set

If you tend to collect knitting notions and tools this set of neon organizers is for you! Each box has five sections in varying sizes so you can keep all of your little knitting trinkets organized. I know a few knitters who keep their different sets of stitch markers neatly separated in boxes just like this. The wonderful thing about these boxes is that they are easy to stack and small enough to grab and take with you on your knitting adventures!

ikea raskog cart organization

IKEA – Raskog Cart

The Raskog cart is an adorable yet practical addition to any crafting area! I would love to use it to keep all of my knitting tools organized and in one place together. This cart has three shelves and wheels so it can easily be moved around to wherever you’re working. I would keep my notions and scissors on the top, all my needles on the bottom and leave the middle shelf open for the sweater that i’m currently working on!

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So there you have it, my top 5 ways to keep my knitting tools organized!

How do you like to store and organize your tools? Do you have any recommendations?

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