Color For Your Skin Tone: Flattering Colors For Everyone

flattering colors for everyone
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  5. Color For Your Skin Tone: Flattering Colors For Everyone

Choosing a color to knit your next sweater with can be challenging! Choosing the color to make a sweater for someone else can feel downright impossible. Luckily there are a few colors that look flattering on just about everyone! If you’re not sure which way to go and want something more interesting than the go-to neutrals these colors are a great place to start!

If you’d like to use one of these flattering colors but aren’t feeling bold enough to do the full sweater, try incorporating a little bit of the color close to the face.

These four colors look great on almost everyone but if you’d like to find out which colors are best for your specific coloring check out the rest of the Color For your Skin Tone series!

[title text=”Flattering Color #1 Eggplant” style=”bold_center”] eggplant flattering for everyone

Sweater Yarn In Eggplant

Brooklyn Tweed Loft – Plume
Loopy Ewe Solids – Eggplant
Erika Knight Vintage Wool – Mulberry
Fibre Company Canopy Fingering – Jacaranda

Eggplant could be described as a sometimes dusty, deep plum. It pairs well with almost anything except pink hues, which can get a little too Barbie-ish. Lighter eggplant is beautiful on fair-skinned blondes, and deeper eggplant works wonders for brunettes.

This rich, elegant shade, originally associated with royalty in ages past, is available in a myriad of yarn bases. Because this color falls into the middle of the color spectrum, meaning it isn’t too warm or too cool, it fits the bill for a fabulously flattering color. Director of the Pantone Color Institute Leatrice Eiseman calls the tone “the perfect purple” because it is extremely versatile, almost like a black, a dark brown, or a navy.

[title text=”Flattering Color #2 True Red” style=”bold_center”] True red

Sweater Yarn In True Red

Fibre Company Tundra – Lingonberry
Anzula For Better or Worsted – One Red Shoe
Loopy Ewe Solids – Strawberry
Swan’s Island Yarn – Winterberry

True Red lies in between a cool cherry red and a warm, orangey tomato red. It pairs well with navy, black, khaki, camel, and blush.

This “spicy” color is an all-time favorite, not only because of its sizzle and seduction, but the way it exudes confidence and presence in a room. You definitely won’t blend in when wearing this red! So what is it about red that makes it a flattering color for everyone? Much like eggplant, this color lies in the center of the color spectrum, with just the right blend of warm and cool to spread the love around to everyone!

Rather than using your average burgundy for fall, try brightening your sweater knitting up a bit this year with true red. Red is such a standout shade that I think it pairs best with neutral colors, and I also love it with a dark denim color.

[title text=”Flattering Color #3 Indian Teal” style=”bold_center”] indian teal

Sweater Yarn In Indian Teal

Loopy Ewe Solids – Teal
Anzula Squishy – Teal
Fibre Company Road To China – Apatite
Madeline Tosh DK Twist – Baltic

Indian Teal is a blue with a little bit of green in it. It pairs well with all neutrals, honey mustard, and orange if you’re feeling bold.

Teal is the opposite of pink on the color wheel so it tends to flatter the healthy pinkish flush in your cheeks! Not only is teal great at hiding any imperfections it’s also the sort of color that really flatters most skin tones. Indian Teal’s balance of cool and warm tones make it a great color for different skin tones, especially where emerald green or royal blues can be too overpowering.

Another great bonus about this color is that it is more versatile than a bright, summery turquoise so it works year-round, through the cold months of winter into the sunny days of summer!

I’m always surprised by how often teal recycles its popularity. It seems like every couple of years, people are really into this particular shade. With that being said it means that this particular color is very easy to find in a number of different yarns and almost every yarn shop.

[title text=”Flattering Color #4 Mellow Rose” style=”bold_center”] mellow rose

Sweater Yarn In Mellow Rose

Loopy Ewe Solids – Blush
Erika Knight Vintage Wool – Pretty
Swan’s Island Yarn- Blush
Habu Natural Cover Cotton – Red

Mellow rose is a sophisticated shade somewhere between a light pink and a peach which looks more like a neutral than a pastel. This subtle color highlights the natural flush of your face, giving anyone who wears it a healthy glow.

It is a soft, feminine color and tends to look great in dainty lace or understated texture patterns. If you have a warm skin tone wear mellow rose paired with gold accents and on cooler skin tones wear with soft slate.

[title text=”Learn More” style=”bold_center”]

If you’d like to see some examples of garments in each of these colors check out this article over at Real Simple. I personally really enjoyed seeing the colors on people with different skin tones!


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