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Top 5 Design Books for Sweater Knitters

Top 5 knitting design books

If I had to choose just 5 essential design books to recommend to aspiring sweater designers which 5 would you choose? As I pondered this question I realized that I would choose one book for each phase of my design process. Starting with organizing my thoughts and sketches and moving all the way through yarn […]

Sweater Knitting 101 FIBER: Wool

fiber types wool

This is post 1 of 1 in the series “Sweater Knitting 101 FIBER” Welcome to the Sweater Knitting 101 FIBER series! Choosing a fiber type for your sweater will greatly affect the fit, comfort and wearability of your sweater. In this series we will be talking about the characteristics of the different types of knitting […]

Top 5 Tool Organization Items For Sweater Knitters

top 5 knitting organization

Have you ever been ready to begin your newest sweater project and just as you’re ready to cast on you realize that you have no idea where your size 7 needles went? Never again! With this week’s collection of top notch organization items you’ll always know exactly where all your tools are. From those pesky […]

Getting Organized: Creating A Sweater Planning Notebook

I am one of those people who loves to be super organized so this week I decided to create a new Sweater Planning Notebook to put all of the information that it takes to plan each sweater. I had a composition notebook that I was just pinning, stapling and taping everything into but that started […]