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Top 5 Gifts For Sweater Knitters

top 5 gifts for sweater knitters

It’s that wonderful time of year when we seek out the perfect gifts for our loved ones to show how much we care for them. Sometimes finding the perfect gift is simple and sometimes it takes a little bit more digging. This week I have put together a list of my top 5 gifts for…

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Top 10 Fair Isle Sweater Patterns of 2014

top ten fair isle sweater patterns

Nothing says “December” like the recent trend of ugly sweater parties. The party where everyone dresses in the most outrageous holiday sweaters (generally fair isle style) for the entertainment of all. However, as sweater knitters our goal is to create just the opposite, the anti ugly sweater so to speak. This week I have put…

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Top 5 Design Books for Sweater Knitters

Top 5 knitting design books

If I had to choose just 5 essential design books to recommend to aspiring sweater designers which 5 would you choose? As I pondered this question I realized that I would choose one book for each phase of my design process. Starting with organizing my thoughts and sketches and moving all the way through yarn…

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Top 10 Party Sweater Patterns Of 2014

top ten party sweater patterns

This month is the beginning of the crazy holiday season! Parties tend to go hand in hand with holidays so I’ve put together my top ten party sweater patterns. Each of these sweaters is classy enough to wear to any party but practical enough to wear anytime! One fun way to dress up a simple…

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Top 10 Cabled Sweater Patterns of 2014

top ten cabled sweater patterns

I absolutely love cabled sweaters! However, I don’t particularly love knitting cables so hopefully I can convince my wonderful husband (who loves knitting them) to make one for me this fall. I think the reason that I love them so much is they remind me of my favorite weather, cool misty days on the coast….

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Top 10 Autumn Sweater Patterns of 2014

This month we are really diving into the Autumn knitting season! I thought it would be fitting to put together a collection of patterns that reflect the newest trends from the Autumn/Winter 2014 Fashion Week! The fall of 2014 will bring us a few predominate themes in the area of knitwear. First we see extreme…

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Top 5 Inspiring Books for Sweater Knitters

top 5 sweater knitting inspiration books

Where do you find inspiration for knitting sweaters? For me it can be anything from plants to textures to beautiful pictures on Pinterest. This list is comprised of five great books and magazines that I look at to find inspiration for my next sweater project. A few of them are specifically knitting books and a…

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Top 10 Simple Striped Sweaters of 2014

10 striped sweater patterns

We have finally made it to that transitional time of year where school is starting and summer is coming to an end. For some reason this time of year always makes me eager to knit stripes. Wether you choose to use the colors of your alma mater or something more subtle there is a pattern…

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Top 5 Knitting Bags for Sweater Knitters

top 5 knitting bags

Finding a stylish knitting bag can be a difficult task. Finding a stylish knitting bag that is large enough to fit your sweater project is nearly impossible! Luckily, I have undertaken the challenge for you and now present my top 5 knitting bags for sweater knitters! Not all of the following bags are created specifically…

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