Day 22 – Starting The Sleeve

Today you will be doing a few calculations and beginning to knit your first sleeve. Today and for the next two days you will be knitting a small portion of your sleeve. Use the following equation to determine how much to knit each day.

(_____Wrist to Underarm (#13 on Body Measurement Worksheet) + _____Armhole Depth (#11 on Sweater Measurement Worksheet) ÷ 3 = _____How Far to Knit Today

Begin by downloading and printing the Sleeve Worksheet HERE 

For this section you will need your Body Measurement Worksheet and Sweater Measurement Worksheet).​


1. (_____Wrist Measurement + 1″) x _____Stitch Gauge = _____Wrist Stitches

Using the Long Tail Cast On, Cast on _____ sts (Answer to #1). Work even in 1×1 ribbing (or your desired stitch pattern for cuff) until your piece measures _____ (#12 on Sweater Measurement Worksheet) from CO edge, ending with a WS row.


2. _____Sleeve at Upper Arm (#6 on Sweater Measurements Worksheet) x _____Stitch Gauge = _____Stitches at Upper Arm

3. _____Stitches at Upper Arm – _____Wrist Stitches = _____Stitches to Increase

4. (_____Sleeve Length From Underarm (#13 on Sweater Measurement Worksheet) x _____Row Gauge) ÷ 2 = _____ Number of Increase Rows

5.  _____Number of Increase ​Rows ÷ _____Stitches to Increase = Increase Every_____Row

After completing the cuff, switch to stockinette (or your desired stitch pattern). As you work your sleeve, knit an Increase Row (see below) every _____ row (Answer to #5). Continue knitting and increasing in this manner until your work measures _____” (Wrist to Underarm #13 on Body Measurement Worksheet).

Increase Row (RS): K1, M1R (Make 1 Right), work to last stitch, M1L (Make 1 Left), K1

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