Day 11 – Sweater Back Neckline


Today you will knit the last  portion of the of the back of your sweater!This portion includes the shaping for the back of the neck. So that means before you begin knitting today you’ll need to complete a few simple equations.

​For this section you will need your Sweater Back Worksheet and your Sweater Measurements Worksheet


​Begin your back neck shaping when you have 2.5″ remaining on the back of your sweater.

6.( _____Neck Measurement ÷ 2) x _____ Stitch Gauge = _____Back Neck Sts

7. .80 x _____Back Neck Sts = _____Center Sts

8. ( _____ Crossback Stitches – _____Center Sts) ÷ 2 = _____Shoulder Sts

9.((_____ Back Neck Sts x .20) ÷ 2) = _____Sts to Decrease Each Side

10. (( _____Row Gauge x 2.5)÷(_____​ Sts to Decrease Each Side ÷ 2) ) = _____ How Often to decrease

On the next row work _____ shoulder sts (Answer to #8), attach a new ball of yarn and BO _____ center sts (Answer to #7), you should have _____ sts (Answer to #8) remaining, work to end.

​***If due to rounding you do not have enough shoulder stitches remaining after binding off your center stitches, back up until you have enough. It is more important to have matching shoulders than to bind off an exact amount of center sts.

Working both sides of the neck at the same time, decrease 1 stitch  at each neck edge on every ______ row (answer to #10) until you have decreased _____sts on each side (Answer to #9).

Bind off all sts.

CONGRATS!!! You’ve just finished the first piece of your sweater!! Keep up the good work!

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