Day 27 – Shaping The Sleeve Cap

Today your work will reach your “Wrist to Underarm” measurement and you will begin shaping your sleeve cap in the same manner that you shaped your first sleeve cap on Day 24.

Today you will be knitting the final 1/3 of your sleeve. If you have forgotten how much that is per day, use the following equation.

(_____Wrist to Underarm (#13 on Body Measurement Worksheet) + _____Armhole Depth (#11 on Sweater Measurement Worksheet) ÷ 3 = _____How Far to Knit Today

For this section use the worksheet and calculations you used for your first sleeve.


To begin this section you will need to determine how wide you’d like the top of the sleeve cap to be. This is the portion that will lay at the top of the shoulder. Usually for and adult it is 2-3” and 3-5” for wider caps.

6. _____“ Sleeve Cap Top

7. _____“ Sleeve Cap Top x _____Stitch Gauge = _____ Final BO Sts

8. _____Armhole Depth” – 1.5” – ( _____Sleeve Cap Top x .5) = _____Sleeve Cap Depth

9. _____Initial BO sts (#4 on Sweater Back Worksheet)

10. _____Sleeve Cap Depth x _____Row Gauge = _____Total Cap Rows

11. _____Total Cap Rows – 2 initial BO rows – 4 top shaping rows = _____Rows Remaining for Cap Shaping

12. _____Stitches at Upper Arm – _____Initial BO Sts – _____Final BO Sts – (_____Stitch Gauge x 2″)= _____Sts for Cap Shaping

13. _____Stitch Gauge x .5 =_____Top Shaping Sts

14. (_____Rows Remaining for Cap Shaping ÷ _____ Sts for Cap Shaping) ÷ 2 = _____How often to Decrease

BO _____sts (answer to #12) at the beginning of the next 2 rows.

Decrease 1 St at the beginning AND end of every _____ row (Answer #14) until you have decreased all _____ sts for cap shaping (Answer #12).

BO _____ sts (Answer #13)  at the beginning of the next 4 rows.

BO remaining sts.​

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