Day 29 – Finishing And Collars

Yay! You’ve made it through all of the body and sleeves and all you have left to do is add a couple finishing touches! Over the next two days you will be weaving in ends, attaching pockets, knitting collars and button bands, steeking and sewing in zippers. Today we will talk about finishing collars and button bands, tomorrow we will discuss steeking, blocking and sewing in zippers.

Tasks For Today

Work all of your collar or desired neckline treatment today. If you choose a cowl collar, or hood you may wish to allow yourself an extra day to finish the neckline as more knitting is involved.

In the following sections you will find instructions for a few of the many options for finishing your neckline. Choose your desired finishing technique and follow the instructions to complete your neckline.

Instructions for additional neckline treatments can be found in the Appendix beginning at page 88 of the book. These include turtlenecks, cowl collars, shawl collars and hoods.

Lessons in this course: